As some experts say; everyone cannot be an artist and every artist cannot be a talented artist. The experts continue to say, most of the artists need to be fine tuned, given adequate opportunities to expose their talents and it is only then they become talented great artists. This job of fine tuning the artist is effectively carried out by Christie’s House; which has become a home town for several great artists. Christie’s House was started in London and now it has spread itself into New York and Hong Kong.

Units established in London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai:
This school of arts was started in London in the year 1978 and it is affiliated to University of Glasgow. The art school offers courses in undergraduate and Master’s degree courses as also PhD courses. The school established itself in New York in the year 1993. This school is accredited to New York State Board of Regents and Commissioner of Education which is a national accrediting agency. This school in New York offers certificate and short term courses as also under graduate and Master of Art degree courses. It also conducts several continuing education programs. The school established another unit in Hong Kong in 1990. This Honk Kong unit started International Art Market series in the year 2010 followed by several short term course. Now, the school in association with the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) started Global Art Market – Collecting and Investment program. It was in the year 2013, Christie’s held educational seminar and charity auctions in Dubai. It also started the course entitled ‘An introduction to the International Art Market’ in Dubai.

Dedicated to spreading the knowledge of Arts:
The faculty of the Christie’s art House comprises of highly experienced and qualified artists and various other academicians. The school is dedicated to the social cause of spreading the knowledge of Art among students and also to achieve several environmental and social obligations. In this direction Christie’s London unit has established an education trust, Kid’s Company and Harris Academy. In its New York Unit, Christie’s have worked very closely with various schools to inculcate students in learning the Arts.

Reading room facilities:
The Christie’s School has established a unique library which has collection of more than17000 books, apart from journals, DVDs and several exclusive catalogues. In fact, the school has established separate section for decorative art category, museum room, separate reading room and also separate IT suite for students using laptop. This suite is provided with free Wi-Fi facility which can be used for accessing emails. Separate portals have been provided for USB and DVD. The IT suite also enables the students to get the support of staff on one to one basis. Students can also have access to e-books and e-journals. In addition to these, students are provided access to Christie’s in house auction sales database and index. Apart from these, students can also enjoy the privilege of free membership to various other libraries located near to the Christie’s school.

Professional development:
The school gives enormous importance to professional development. To achieve this, the school arranges lectures from professionals. In fact, many of these professionals have undergone various courses in Christie’s school. These professionals provide various useful inputs which help the students to shape their career in Arts. In fact, similar procedure is followed even in New York unit. The students are also trained on production, exhibition and also in marketing various types of artifacts. Several workshops are also conducted for students perusing Master’s degree and PhDs. Certificate courses in contemporary arts are also held from time to time. Eligible students are given scholarship and various kinds of financial help so that students can shape their future by making best use of the knowledge they have gained in Christie’s school. Alumni’s are given opportunities to get in touch with their ex-classmates and other friends. All that they have to do is to fill up a form and their data will be sent to their ex-classmate.

Learning is a never ending process:
Learning is continuous process and it is for this purpose, Christie’s school conducts continuing education programs at regular intervals. The program is thrown open to past students and also to other interested groups. As already said, Christie’s school of Arts is a place for learning and fine tuning your capabilities in Arts. The experienced faculties of the school will identify your potential and try to harness the same for your best advantage. The emphasis is not only learning Arts but also on making your living out of it. It is for this purpose, students are trained in several aspects of marketing technique of artifacts and other creative works of the students. The students of this school have secured placements in several prestigious establishments world over. Visit Christie’s House website and know more about the various courses offered.